Professora Karla Brunet participa da Conferência Vilém Flusser and His “Languages”

A professora do IHAC, Karla Brunet, participa da conferência Vilém Flusser and His “Languages” com uma vídeo palestra sobre o processo de criação de uma performance audiovisual que estava prevista para acontecer no evento físico. Veja no link aqui.

A conferência Vilém Flusser and His “Languages” entra no ar esta semana e os vídeos ficarão disponíveis no site até dia 30 de junho. O evento é organizado pela UDK (Universität der Künste Berlin) e seria presencial, mas a pandemia de Covid-19 exigiu a mudança para a versão online.

Nos dias 29 e 30 de junho haverá um discussão online. Confira a programação completa aqui.

A Talk on Antarctica Tempo – Karla Brunet

Antartica Tempo is an audiovisual performance about my subjective observations during a 60-day expedition to Antarctica. The language portrayed here is the technical image; the remix of this imagined place and tempo. It is a mix of codes – software and language – trying to translate the lived experience in this faraway location. Images, sounds and voices are processed and edited in real-time. They are about the cold, the endless day, the rough sea, the seasickness, the dangerous drake, the boredom, the confinement, the beautiful and eccentric landscapes, the underwater, the cold water, the lack of possibility to walk around and Brunet’s body in a different environment. Besides the environmental issues, it is also about being in a military environment, about following rules, having someone organize your routine (when you eat and what you eat), about hierarchy and behaving in accordance with their timing. Antarctica Tempo is about the tempo there, the pace in this icy continent. It is also a reference to the word tempo in Portuguese which means time but also the weather. During the expedition I frequently heard that Antarctica is about Tempo – pace, patience, timing and weather. This “tempo” was what defined my days in Antarctica.

Link da conferência:
Link do programa e abstracts:


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